Series 86 Swing Doors

Variety of Design, Color, and Glazing Options

With a wide array of design, color, decorative hardware and glazing options available, the entrance to your home can indeed be as individual as you are.

Available as open-in and open-out styles our modern door systems are fully compatible with all Select Series 86 window styles ensuring a high-quality, consistent finish throughout your home.

And as with all Series 86 products, they are available in a range of finishes and colors.

Low-Maintenance Vinyl

VENTANA USA’s Select Series 86 swing doors offer you the advantage of low maintenance vinyl which will not rot, warp, or ever need to be painted.

They also provide better moisture resistance than other framing materials and reduce the risk of mold. Utilizing RAU-FIPRO® fiber composite material allows for up to 60% less expansion and contraction over traditional vinyl products, leading to consistent operation.

Fresh Air Ventilation

Tilt/turn options allow fresh air ventilation and are available for all inswing arrangements.

Explore the possibilities for handle styles/finishes grid designs and glass packages with your sales rep.


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