Select Series 86 PDF Resources

Find all of the documentation you need to make an informed decision on your Select Series 86 Windows & Doors. Call us today at (724) 325-3400 to talk to a representative for a quote.

Select Series 86 Section Details

Includes specifications on Fixed Picture Window, Tilt/Turn Window, Double Tilt/Turn Window, Inswing Door, Inswing Door with Tilt/Turn Sidelite, Outswing Door, and Outswing French Door.

Select Series 86 Min/Max Frame Sizes

Specifications for the VENTANA SELECTâ„¢ Series 86 Min/Max frame sizes for Tilt/Turn, Picture and Swing Doors.

Select Series 86 Tilt/Turn Window Shapes

Custom architectural shapes can be used to enhance aesthetics and functionality.

Select Series 86 Standard Laminates

Check out our variety of standard interior and exterior laminates.

Select Series 86 Swing Door Hardware

Take a look at the hardware designs and colors we offer for swing doors.

Select Series 86 Thermal Performance

Examine VENTANA SELECT’S Series 86 glazing performance and thermal values.

Select Series 86 Tilt/Slide Door Hardware

Explore the designs and finishes available for our tilt/slide door hardware.

Select Series 86 Tilt/Turn Windows Hardware

Make a selection from our color and finish options for tilt/turn window hardware.

VENTANA SELECT Windows & Doors Warranty

Review our warranty for VENTANA SELECT windows and doors.

VENTANA SELECT Series 86 Installation Guide

Review our installation guide for VENTANA SELECT Series 86 windows and doors.